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Create content that reflects your brand’s voice

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Create and Curate Content that Reflects Your Brand Voice

Frog’s Leap Winery is the last of the 5 wine businesses crushing social media marketing. It’s a small family owned winery in the heart of the Napa Valley, producing wines for 35 years.  Their vines are 100% dry farmed (no irrigation) and they organically grow their grapes.


Frog's Leap Winery


Despite these unique (and awesome) farming practices, like any other winery, Frog’s Leap have to stand out in a saturated marketpac. There are over 400 wineries in Napa alone!

To set themselves apart, Frog’s Leap Winery focus in two things: building brand awareness and community.

To do this they primarily use visual storytelling on Instagram where they have built a strong following.


Frog's Leap on Instagram


Their social media marketing manager, Natalie Barnard,  explains how she has targeted her content for Frog’s Leap’s Instagram Account and social media in general.  She explained that they use 3 words to describe their brand image (and from which guides their storytelling);

  • Authentic – Frog’s Leap is a small family winery producing quailty wine, steadfast in their principles, organically growing grapes before it was trendy, using dry farming and focused on sustainability.  Nicole translates that information into using natural light, and a color palette that reflects their brand. She also asks herself before posting: is this thoughtful and worth sharing? 
  • Timeless – Frog’s Leap has been mastering their craft in the heart of Napa for over 35 years.  Nicole wants to evoke emotion, inspiration, and memories of a guest’s last visit to the winery.  The pictures are often moody.  They reflect what it feels like to be at the winery, with dreamy landscapes, soft light, natural color, and balanced contrast. She will choose lifestyle shots showing people with the product vs rather than a simple bottle shot about a case sale.
  • Genuine – Frog’s Leap is known for warm hospitality.  Nicole wants to reflect this in her posts. She uses warm colors, natural lighting, subjects that are often candid, cheerful and happy.  She avoids blue tones, harsh lighting, and sharp contrast. She also does her best to make sure that they aren’t taking themselves too seriously, adding a little humour now and again.  

Nicole also shares User Generated Content on their Instagram Account (with permission from the user).  This content, as well as the content she takes and shares herself, is reflective of the approach she takes above.

If you look at the feed there is definitely a timeless, genuine feel about it (even the user generated content shared from their visitors).

Here’s an example of a post by one of the guests at Frog’s Leap:


Here are some tips from Natalie to be able to achieve a consistent look and feel on your Instagram account while staying true to your brand values or brand image:

  • Use variety. Take more photos than you need to, and at different angles.
  • Don’t be afraid to be a curator.  Put your ego in check and realize that you don’t always have to be the artist.  Think like a curator of a beautiful art gallery using images from loyal fans (giving credit of course).
  • Be consistent. Post everyday and use the same look and feel. Nicole uses the Color Story app to make sure the filter remains the same.
  • Lighting is everything. Some of Nicole’s best shots are in the early morning and during magic hour (note: Magic Hour or Golden Hour refers to the periods shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the daylighter is redder and softer and makes for great Instagram shots!)

chrisCreate content that reflects your brand’s voice