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So, what is you do to stay ahead of the curve? Is your business using its online channel to the best of it’s ability? Did you start a facebook page or sign up for a twitter account and then let it die a slow painful death by neglect? A LOT do. Social mediums rely on fresh content to generate any buzz /  leads for your business. A static presence with nothing changing will not trigger the interest of your potential clients, and it will certainly not be seen by Google /  effect your google ranking.
In this game fresh content is king. You NEED to be updating your content across all channels with relevant, keyword rich, content written to suit SEO  –  this is just one element of the mix  –  but something that can not be neglected. If you need help, get in touch!

chrisOnline marketing
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Wooden Toy Quarterly

Wooden Toy Quarterly – a well received world art/design magazine with 5,000 individually numbered copies distributed 2 times per year.  Founded by Chris Meyer (Elevatror Creative CD) and Timba Smits (Church of London / Little White Lies)

Read about it over at IDN here or Laughing Squid here or grab some insane artwork from cover artist Nick Deakin over here or if you just want to see the covers of the various issues this is the spot over at magpile.

wooden toy quarterly magazine

chrisWooden Toy Quarterly
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